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 About Us 

Our Mission is to provide professional business and warranty service contract consulting and to communicate clearly the results of our analysis so our clients can better understand and manage their programs and projects.

We began as a small firm with a vision to be different. We wanted to be able to offer our clients a wider, more specialized range of warranty and service knowledge, and we wanted to do it with integrity. Our clients' trust in us is the cornerstone of our business, and one of the reasons we have grown into an industry leader, representing clients in major projects and litigation cases. We pride ourselves in understanding the problems and opportunities in the help desk and warranty service industry, and we are committed to excellence in finding our clients the creative and solid solutions they need.

Through our offices and consultants we service the extended warranty industry. Clients include: OEM's, retailers, law firms, underwriters and third party administrators (TPAs).

Some of our most recent projects include:

  • Reinsurance Co's Litigation Project
  • HVAC Extended Warranty Program Development
  • Consumer Electronic Program Development
  • OEM Warranty Program Development 
  • Evaluation & Analysis of Warranty Consulting & Services Company
  • Design Setup & Install Call Tracking System
  • Deploy Service Management Online Data System
  • Deploy National Service System for 3000 Locations
  • HVAC Warranty Provider Rollout 
  • OEM Warranty Placement Project
  • National Service Provider Franchise Rollout
  • Major Retailer Litigation Project 
  • Major Reinsurance Co's Arbitration Project
  • International Law Firm's Litigation Project
  • Third Party Administrator Review
  • Warranty Industry Media Company Rollout 
  • Large Tech Support Help Desk Roll-out
  • OEM Service Provider Selection Project
  • Major Law Firm's Expert Witness
  • Sale of National Service Provider 
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Locations: Dallas Texas - Winston Salem North Carolina - Las Vegas Nevada - San Juan Puerto Rico - St. George Grenada

1210 Hall Johnson Rd Suite 200
Colleyville, Texas 76034

Phone: 800.734.0819

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